Boudoir / S / 10 - 7 - 15 / by Jarrad McGuckin

I was somewhat nervous going into this shoot, mainly because I had the goal of making it much brighter than my past few sets and that it would also contain the models face for a majority of it, I was somewhat anxious as well because it was her first time and I wanted her to be comfortable and get some confidence out of this (which I'm happy to say she did!)

Technically it's not perfect, I was shooting at 1.4 in manual focus (with the aid of ML) but it was somewhat hit and miss and a lot of these are softer around her face than I would have liked, and there is quite a few hot spots even though I used my reflector to cut down a fair chunk of it. I also used Flash for the first time in one of these shoots as well with a 48" umbrella to fill in shadows.

Overall though I think it's a beautiful set and I'm happy with it!