ART / Black Satin & Milk by Jarrad McGuckin

This was the third shoot with one of my favourite models and was something I had wanted to do for a while (milk bath) as usual Sam threw in her own ideas and we ended up with a 3 look shoot. It was her first time shooting nude and she wasn't well that day but still smashed the hell out of it (what a trooper)

It was a difficult shoot due to the lack of space but I'm still really happy with that we came up with and the mini portrait shoot in her back yard really just capped off a good day.

Boudoir / Paranoir by Jarrad McGuckin

Another shoot with another photographer/editor/awesome person I admire, again a first timer to this type of shoot but she is a seasoned model so it was an absolute breeze and joy to shoot, a mix of lighting style here between natural and strobe (with a gridded stripbox) we threw in a little bit of a fetish shoot at the end with some awesome headgear.


Boudoir / Wild Kat by Jarrad McGuckin

So this was my first time shooting with another photographer and her first time posing for a shoot like this, I'm not sure who was more nervous? it was certainly daunting shooting another photographer and I had many worrying thoughts in my head (is she judging me on my technique etc) plus I was using a new lighting modifier and wasn't sure how it would turn out but! I think it went very well and I'm in love with this set.. I continued my trend of minimal retouching as I really do prefer the natural look, flaws and all.


Anatomie / Andrew by Jarrad McGuckin

So this was certainly an interesting shoot, I had decided to start a new series with a variation of my Bodyscape shoots, I wanted it to be more portrait based and a bit more dynamic and, to mix it up a bit I wanted to work with a male model as it's something I haven't done much in the past.

Andrew was a real trooper with this shoot, it also helped he was buff as hell and not new to modelling! I think it went pretty well and we definitely got some great images. I will be doing this as an ongoing thing and have another model lined up for it.


Portrait / Jaede / Nature by Jarrad McGuckin

So this shoot was a huge step out of my comfort zone for me, myself an a group of friends went for a mini road trip down south to a nice little place out in the bush to stay over night, hang out and chill out and hopefully get some photos!

My friend Samantha Helped organise and direct this shoot and while it didn't go smoothly or entirely as planned we still got some beautiful images out of the shoot! I say this was out of my comfort zone as I usually stick to shooting in my studio or in smaller home locations and never out in nature with so many people around watching and offering input, it was a great challenge and I was overly stressing myself out over it but it was totally worth it and has given me the confidence to try more like this in future!

MUSIC / Dry Dry River by Jarrad McGuckin

This was the only music gig I've shot so far in 2015 (that I can remember) I've strayed away from this and moved more onto portraits and boudoir etc but it's still a great love of mine! there's something awesome about capturing people in their element and the energy they bring to the moment, I had shot these guys previously with my old setup (canon 600d) and I did much better this time around!

The venue itself was small and I was on my knees infront of the band the entire time but hey it was worth the pain!

Boudoir / S / 10 - 7 - 15 by Jarrad McGuckin

I was somewhat nervous going into this shoot, mainly because I had the goal of making it much brighter than my past few sets and that it would also contain the models face for a majority of it, I was somewhat anxious as well because it was her first time and I wanted her to be comfortable and get some confidence out of this (which I'm happy to say she did!)

Technically it's not perfect, I was shooting at 1.4 in manual focus (with the aid of ML) but it was somewhat hit and miss and a lot of these are softer around her face than I would have liked, and there is quite a few hot spots even though I used my reflector to cut down a fair chunk of it. I also used Flash for the first time in one of these shoots as well with a 48" umbrella to fill in shadows.

Overall though I think it's a beautiful set and I'm happy with it!